Britain on monetary policy to hell, Eurozone finance ministers and Brussels eurocrats are economically illiterate – Telegraph

Profligate Britain risks suffering its own Greek tragedy

bomb brussels

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Meet the 3 Libertarian Hedge Fund Fags who bribed Senate to approve the Fag Law

The Jew

These Are The 3 Hedge Fund Heroes That Helped Make Gay Marriage Legal In New York

A hero is someone else than 3 corrupt Hedge Fund managers. Another Jew false flag to destroy their host nations. Accident or historical evidence? — Admin

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CNBC: Central Banks Believe In Gold

Central Banks Believe In Gold

Central Banks Believe In Gold (Video)

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An Aristocracy of Incompetence – American Thinker

An Aristocracy of Incompetence

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Homosexual America celebrates the final nail in this once proud nation, God’s wrath will destroy them like Sodom and Gomorrah

New York Gay Marriage Legalization Transformed National Debate: Legal Experts – Huffington Clueless Post

Shitting Lesbians

God hates youGods WrathTornado Burn baby burn


Sharia for UK

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Why I am bearish on the U.S.

The IQs of a large enough population are calcu...

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The most valuable asset a country has are its people. The quality of its people are the basis for success. 

PISA tests tell me that the European Whites and Asians (especially Japanese and Chinese) have the highest IQ’s of all ‘races’. They are not perfect but have a higher overall quality than others. 

After the whites had conquered the new world and the mass migration slowed and nearly came to a halt in the last decades it seems that new races will take over. The Asian migration will probably slow down when China, India and Southeast Asia prosper. There are problems too with Americas immigration system that is preventing much of the high quality migration from Asia.

That means the ‘ascent phase of quality‘ migration is slowing down or when it comes to the whites is declining due to too few births and slowing migration from Europe.

Before the landing in the new world the quality of the native inhabitants was much lower than the quality of the whites. With the nearly extermination of the native inhabitants and the mass immigration from Europe the ascent phase of quality and therefore progress began.

In my opinion the ‘ascent phase of quality’ is now coming to a halt. That’s one trend I wanted to clarify.

Now comes the counter trend I am very concerned about not because I am a racist but because the evidence leaves me no peace. This counter trend threatens to become ‘the trend‘.

This counter trend is the ‘descent phase of quality‘ migration into the United States and Europe. In Europe the problem is a too low birthrate and at the same time the mass immigration of too many ‘dumb’ Arabs, Turks, Blacks that never seems to stop. I call them dumb because my personal experience and the evidence of the PISA tests lets me only come to one conclusion. Their quality is much lower and is a threat to our civilization and financial stability. You cannot be a rich country on kebab shops and burritos.

In the United States the exactly same trends are at work but it seems to me it is much worse due to the diversity. I am not a fan of ‘diversity’ because of the trends I try to show you here. Besides the nearly uncontrolled diversity is the outstanding mass immigration of the Mestizo. The Mestizo is one of the worst races ever to populate the planet. Their quantity is overwhelming every quality and their reproductive instinct is a threat to the United States.

Don’t believe me? Thats how they made the indigenous people of Mexico to a marginalized minority! Thats how Muhammad conquered the Middle East. They are on a path to do the same to the United States. These trends are slow but irreversible after a certain point. The Democrats seem too stupid to realize the long-term consequences of this trend. They use this trend to win elections but the underlying ‘descent phase of quality‘ will make the economy worse and the Mestizo to the majority. At the same time when the Mestizo threatens to become the majority he has the highest poverty rate and the highest school drop-out rate. If this is not a national security threat from within what is it?

Political short-term gain always means long-term pain. Political correctness tells you there are no stupid individuals or races. That’s what the Romans thought when half of Rome was flooded by aliens. My personal experience, knowledge of history and the PISA tests indicate otherwise.

These two trends; the ‘ascent phase of quality‘ and the descent phase of quality‘ I call socio-economic ‘absolute trends‘ or total trends.

The other trends i want to mention without going into detail are the fiscal policy, the housing trend and technology.

The fiscal policy will not become healthier with the underlying ‘absolute trends’ I mentioned above. I don’t think the Arab, Turk and Mestizo will become Einsteins. They will never match Whites and Asians who have a history of progress.

Many houses were build in the anticipation of rising incomes. But the wages of the masses are stagnating at best. That means we are at the end of a macro-trend. How will the new Mestizo majority ever pay for the inflated houses? They won’t. The Mestizo will never replace the white consumer of today. That means the economy will contract sooner or later. 

Technological progress in the U.S. became a boost after you stole everything from the Germans after WW2. I see no other civilization on the horizon where Americans can steal now.

Your fall has begun. Take care.


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Are Americans a race?

MongrelI posted this because of a comment made by an Indian named lemonthoughts. You can read his comment here. He says Americans are a race. Ridiculous! Isn’t it?

When Americans are a ‘race’ then I am not half Thuringian and half Prussian. 

Somehow Americans managed not to form a new race.  A new race is created when immigrants mingle with local residents. This needs time and can only happen when there is a phase of isolation after the mixing phase. The mixing never happened or is not finished. Todays Globalization is preventing the creation of the American race.

A full cycle was completed in Mexico after the Spanish conquistadors conquered this land mass and mixed with the indigenous people. In this phase, the Spaniards and the indigenous people created a new breed – Mestizos. The Spaniards vanished and the indigenous people are a minority right now.

There were ships and horses but globalization was limited and slower. Thats what i mean with isolation phase. They were not isolated but immigration of other races was limited. Back then, people preferred to migrate to the New World than to Mexico. This could be the reason why the emergence of a new race worked in Mexico.

The same thing happened to the original Egyptians who were conquered by the Arabs. Today there are no Egyptians only Arabs. The Arab-Trend hasn’t stopped yet. They seem to have a gene to populate and conquer the world.

The Arab story is different because they ousted the Egyptians and ousted the Jews. They are predators like the Turks. Once they are in your land they stay forever! The Turks completely eradicated the Christian Byzantine Empire over time. Today millions of Arabs and Turks are populating Europe and are in the process of ousting the Europeans. The same is true for the Romanian Wallachs. They were once slaves but grew so fast that they overwhelmed their masters over time. Romania is a country where everyone wants to live right now. Do you? Not really. Romanians are fleeing in droves to Germany because they see no future in Romania. They are driving thousand of kilometers with their whole clan to big German cities. And when they are there they say give us a home give us your money. Thats how open borders work in Europe. You have to take the aliens without education in. But that’s the first step how an alien race conquers another race.

Remember Bangladesh? The Muslim country the size of Bavaria? But with a population of 165 million people? This little terror state is attacking India big time. Not the government but its people are crossing into India and sow terror and fear into the Hindus. The Bangladeshi Muslims are taking over whole towns inside India. The Hindus are outnumbered and the Indian government is clueless. This is a trend because the Muslim population grows and needs more land. They are expanding at the expense of the Hindus.

Sound familiar?!

In the U.S. one immigration wave followed another. The U.S. is the preferred destination of each migrant. There never was a relative time of isolation because everyone wants to go there. Globalization’s onslaught is preventing Americans to become a race. America is so diversified its hard to see which race will win. And it seems to get worse. The last decade made America more diversified. Exactly the opposite of what should happen.

In my opinion the Mestizo onslaught has the greatest chance to win. History tells me where ever the Mestizo goes he becomes the majority. He’s a predator on the prowl for fresh meat.

America and Europe both face an onslaught of predators. This can’t end well!


Historical Lie

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