Eurozone economic growth will be significantly weaker in second quarter – WSJ

Three days ago i read an article in a German newspaper that the new leader of the ‘Free Democrats’ want to lower taxes after the German people helped the ‘system’ (i.e. greedy bureaucrats) to survive. I first thought are these German politicians that crazy or I’m reading an American paper. 

Nearly everything is going up in Germany right now. Insurance, Health care, Dentist, Taxes on tobacco, gasoline (1,55 Euro (3,10 Deutsche Mark) per liter), Real estate tax, Electricity, Food only knows one direction. All the things you need and where you cannot escape the greedy bureaucrats are going up.

How can an economy prosper with these conditions? Behind these conditions is an underlying trend. That means it will get worse and Central banks are our enemies!

Then two days ago i read an article that Angela Merkel wants to lower taxes. They already increased taxes and some price hikes have to kick in yet. Now they want to lower taxes while increasing taxes!

I mean are they insane? Or does the administration not realize what the states did?! The states and below are increasing taxes and the administration wants to lower taxes! If you don’t know what insanity is. That is it! The states and below are undermining the administration to keep the greedy bureaucrats happy. The same thing is happening in the U.S. and Britain.

The low-level bureaucrats are the administrations worst enemies!

Is it any wonder Germany loses hundreds of people EVERY DAY?

Following Merkel’s proposal the Social Democrats declared Merkel insane and called for tax increases.

Politicians are not very smart but how stupid they are you realize when you follow German politics!

Meanwhile Bernanke’s counterpart Trichet gets a new award.

The Central banks are the root causes of the problems politicians fight without understanding them. The overall economy is suffering due to inflation and it will get worse! Its the design of the fiat system. Money (Credit) must expand forever or the system collapses. Expanding Credit is Inflation! But Credit cannot expand forever when the population declines like in Japan, Germany, Poland and the rest of Europe. THATS WHY THEY FLOOD US WITH MUSLIMS AND OTHER ALIENS! THE POPULATION MUST EXPAND SO THAT CREDIT CAN EXPAND FOREVER! 


— Admin

Read the WSJ article here.


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