Tony Blair ‘sees’ Israel becoming role model for other states in region

KamelIs this guy crazy, clueless, stupid, obnoxious or all four combined? What he ‘sees’ is a Fata Morgana. It’s true the multiplication of the populations is slowing but today they are still growing albeit at a slower pace. 

If you live in a land of sand with a rising population, declining water resources and shrinking arable land like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen even Israel then you are headed for disaster.

Blair seems not to understand Economics 101. If he’s wrong with economics where’s this guy wrong too? Blair is dangerous because he’s clueless! He should be thrown into a lunatic asylum where he can no longer murder innocent people. Blair’s calls for more military intervention will not change the root causes of the problems the Arabs face. I might be sound alarmist but the facts are that Saudi Arabia will stop pumping ground water for arable land because they are running on empty and the population grows like in Yemen. The same is true for Egypt where the population grows and the arable land shrinks since centuries. 

Long-term trends can not be easily reversed, if at all. Ever more people fight for shrinking arable land. This is crazy and national suicide. The Muslims only survive because of imported food. Without our food they all are dead in 2 weeks. They will have trade deficits forever. Oil revenue will ultimately decline like in Egypt, Yemen, Mexico, UK, Germany. The difference between the UK, Germany and the Arab states is the industrial base to overcome oil revenue. Arab states have no industrial base. Yes it’s true they have nothing what the world needs when the oil is gone. If i were an Arab leader i would be in full panic.

Saudi Arabia could be next. They are buying land in Africa to somehow overcome their nonexistend arable land. When the oil is gone they will be thrown into their place where they belong to. You cannot have an ever growing population without arable land and water. The Saudi business model only works because of oil. No Oil = No Business model.

All these fundamentally trends do not indicate they will become “regulatory” democracies! It will get worse until they collapse to the place where they belong to. In the future war, famine and mass deaths will determine the Middle East. Everything politicians like Blair say is sand in your eyes. –Admin

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