CRAZY Howard Davidowitz: Walmart Is Great For America

United States trade deficit (1991-2005).

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Walmart (multinational corporations in general) is responsible for the structural problems in the first place because they destroy and undermine local communities. This trend continues unabated. Walmart actually is expanding with Mini-Walmarts into Americas hinterlands. They have reached the limit with Big-Walmart-Expanding-Forever; now they are on a suicide trip to give the American economy the rest with Chinese goods! Their business model is based on the oil age and cheap imports from China (70%). They make the trade deficit of America worse, destroy local economies and replace them with low wage jobs. America can not recover until this trend is reversed.  Multinational corporations are turning the U.S. into a low wage wasteland. Will the politicians grasp the magnitude of the structural problems they enabled? I doubt it. Peak oil is our only hope for a better future. Local economies will return because the tax-evading multinational corporations can no longer trade across the globe. Oversea bloodshed and the criminal economy based on oil and ultimately globalization will be defeated. –Admin

Read the full shit here.


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