Europeans Fleeing Eurabia; Daniel Pipes; updated Jun 5, 2010

Sinking EuropeThe Miami Herald has an important article today, “French Jews Escape to United States,” by Elinor J. Brecher, giving example after example of French Jews who gave up on the Hexagon and moved to southern Florida because of their fears of the growingly bellicose Muslim minority in France. But the real significance of this exodus lies less in the relatively small numbers of Jews making the centuries-old move from the Old World to the New, as it is their preparing the way for others to do the same.

Assuming current trends continue – an increasingly domineering Muslim population, pensioners demanding higher and higher subsidies, the Christian faith ever more marginalized – it is easy to foresee millions of Europeans “escaping” to the United States and perhaps other countries, such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. When added to the already divergent demographic trends (lots of American babies, disappearing Europe ones), this emigration will further propel American predominance. (October 10, 2004)

Dec. 11, 2004 update: Evans-Pritchard reports in London’s Daily Telegraph about a significant emigration movement out of Holland, perhaps the first of its sort.

“Escaping the stress of clogged roads, street violence and loss of faith in Holland’s once celebrated way of life, the Dutch middle classes are leaving the country in droves for the first time in living memory. The new wave of educated migrants are quietly voting with their feet against a multicultural experiment long touted as a model for the world, but increasingly a warning of how good intentions can go wrong. Australia, Canada and New Zealand are the pin-up countries for those craving the great outdoors and old-fashioned civility. …

More people left the Netherlands in 2003 than arrived, ending a half-century cycle of surging immigration that has turned a tight-knit Nordic tribe into a multi-ethnic mosaic with three million people of foreign roots out of 16 million. Almost one million are Muslims, mostly Turks and Moroccan-Berbers. In Rotterdam, 47 per cent of the city’s population is of foreign origin. While asylum claims have plunged, the exodus is accelerating, reaching 13,313 net outflow in the first half of 2004. Many retiring workers are moving to the south of France, but a growing bloc leaving the country appears to be educated, working families. …

Unlike most earlier waves of migration to the new world, this one is not driven by penury. The Netherlands has a per capita income higher than Germany or Britain, and 4.7 per cent unemployment. “None of my clients is leaving for economic reasons. You can’t get a visa anyway if you haven’t got a work record,” said Frans Buysse[, the head of a private immigration consultancy]. Europe’s leader for much of the last century in social experiments, Holland may now be pointing to the next cultural revolution: bourgeois exodus.”

The Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh murders seem to be the motor force here; and if two murders can spur such a shift in opinion in the Netherlands, clearly similar acts of violence can have a similar effect in other European countries.

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