Saudi Electricity Company: US Empire and Saudi Arabia falling in 2030

End of the Petro DollarFrom; Tyler Durden

Sometimes we wish the oil minister of former OPEC member Saudi Arabia (“we can supply any amount of oil”), Wikileaks (“Saudi Said To Have Overstated Crude Oil Reserves By 300 Billion Barrels or 40%“), and now Saudi Arabia’s very own electricity company would coordinate their story. In a little noticed comment by Abdel Salam al-Yamani, head of the Saudi Electricity Company, in Al Mashka, which so far has been captured by only El Economista magazine, has provided the most recent insider confirmation of peak oil: a very troubling development for those who still naively believe that Saudi Arabia has any marginal boosting capacity, or more importantly, is willing to risk pumping more than possible. Yet, caught between a revolutionary rock and various other cartel nut cases, Saudi will soon be forced to sell as much oil as it can in order to placate it increasingly angry population with ever greater and ever more frequent “gifts” buying the transitory admiration of its people.

Since the long term impacts of confirmed peak oil are rather obvious to everyone, we will merely recreate the relevant soundbites from El Economista:

The electricity company of Saudi Arabia has set off alarms to warn that oil in this country could be depleted by 2030 if left unchecked domestic consumption. According to a report of this company, it is estimated between 2.5 and 3.4 million barrels a day.

The report, published in the magazine Al Mashka of the company itself says that the increase in domestic consumption of oil is one of the main challenges facing the country, mainly because oil accounts for 80% of national income.

Abdel Salam al-Yamani, head of the Saudi Electricity Company also warned of the consequences for citizens to ignore the calls to save electricity and water, and has advised that they depend more on solar energy.

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One Response to Saudi Electricity Company: US Empire and Saudi Arabia falling in 2030

  1. william wallace says:

    When British the worlds leading political miltary force // they balanced
    such force with common sense policies. // In having the British would
    be a benefit unto a nation // not bringing its destruction but / prosperity.
    ( of course not perfected in conduct but a willingness in their learning).

    In America taking their independence from British rule was all very well
    for history writers / good political spin/ *winning freedom & *democracy
    etc etc etc. // Which all of course utter nonsense // where becoming such
    worlds military political power // the USA committed the direst of crimes.

    The British as French ( as of course other nations) having warned an USA
    with such appalling misuse of power they were humanites gravest danger
    they would in changing times bring themselves /as humanity to destruction.

    The problem being a USA in having the ruling military power // but a brain in
    such inferior development it could not accept // the great responsibility // that
    being the world leader entailed. Thus with a USA deaf dumb / blind unto very
    basics of common sense// it T’WAS a case of letting the USA run its course…
    till a time every nation turned agin them / in not listening unto common sense
    but blindly destroy all beforethem // destroy justice / destroy for many all hope.

    We reach such point // where the predictions towards the USA but comes true
    all foretold // comes to pass. An sad part many nations copied the USA’s ways
    where took a direction of lust for political power // blind greed for worldly wealth
    where able to keep their wealth power / tortured / slaughtered their own people.

    Thus as the worlds leading miitary power / democracy // the USA committed the
    most appalling criminal acts / as allowing others they favoured in doing likewise.

    There is but one solution in that NATO becoming the ruling military force / that
    it a joint Euro venture which a USA being a equal member / not the ruling party.

    That the UN does become a force / bringing world order/ that benefits all humanity
    not a situation as presently // where all must bow before the worlds most powerfull.

    The USA as its poitical leaders must come to terms with reality // and get the support
    help it needs // that the 24/7 media brainwashing of the american people’s is halted
    thus the brain allowed in taking its natural development // where people abled give a
    independent viewpoint // thus to encourage healthy open debate // facing realities not
    science fiction / not endless political spin of propaganda turning nation against nation.

    If humanity continues the present course one needs not to be nostradamus / predicting
    t’will bring destruction of humanity. It’s but common sense in knowing eventual outcome.

    Thus the bottom line be the USA for its own good as the good of all nations // must regain
    a little common sense & work with other nations/ in bringing a balanced judgement where
    making policy domestic as international // thus such future outcome for humanity not being
    its destruction of the human race // but rather that humanity achieving its ultimate goal that
    of spiritual enlightenment. / Such is our true destination// such being always our destination
    in the process of learning // there be many pitfalls. / Yet nations have each / humanity in truth
    ONE FAMILY // we are one in spirit // The power enabling life be found in all as equaled in all.

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