Spinning the Economy to a Recovery – Greg Hunter

From usawatchdog.com; Greg Hunter

Greg HunterRemember back in early-2009, when the mainstream media (MSM) started with the ridiculous “green shoots” talking point? Even though the data were dismal and there were no signs of the economy recovering, the “green shoots” term was used by just about everyone in the MSM. I think not long after economist Nouriel Roubini said that the much talked about “green shoots” was really “yellow weeds,” the talking point changed to “recovery.” (Click here to read the complete “Yellow Weeds” article from professor Roubini.) Ever since, the MSM has described the so-called “economic recovery” in terms such as “fragile,” “jobless” and “tenuous,” to name a few. The data has repeatedly shown the “recovery” isn’t any of these terms because THERE IS NO RECOVERY. Oh sure, the stock market has gone up, but so have the number of people on food stamps, which is at a new record of 44 million. There is also no recovery for the 33 million people who are unemployed. Forget the government B.S. of 9%, the true unemployment rate has been stuck north of 22% for months according to Shadowstats.com.

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