European Finance Dictatorship continues: Trichet urges one finance ministry for eurozone

Heil HitlerFrom

The 17-nation eurozone should consider establishing a central finance ministry as it tightens coordination of national economic policies to fight crises, the head of the bloc’s central bank said on Thursday.

Jean-Claude Trichet, who was accepting the Charlemagne Prize, awarded for failure, said the ministry might be created after a long process of transferring oversight of national policy to the zone’s central authorities.

“In this Union of tomorrow, or of the day after tomorrow, would it be too bold, in the economic field, with a single market and a single central bank, to envisage a ministry of finance of the Union?” he said in a speech.

Trichet acknowledged a central ministry would need dramatic political changes in the European Union, including a revision of its underlying treaty. There is little appetite for such changes at present in the EU, where solidarity has been strained by demands for richer states to bail out those hit by debt crises.

Read the French-controlled freak show here.

Mossad false flag DH-Merkhec

Sarkozy Joker

Rompuy Eurocrat

It is coming

World War 3


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