People who ‘predicted’ the mess we are in

Jim RogersJim Rogers in 1999 said a Gold Bull market is coming.

The Aden SistersThe Aden Sisters gave a long-term buy signal in 2002 for gold.

Peter SchiffPeter Schiff in 2006 said a Recession is coming.

Robert KiyosakiRobert Kiyosaki in 2009 said the Banks and the Government are manipulating the Stock Market. Said buy Silver when it was at $16.


Who is the Freak? You decide!


Greenspan in 2005: “We can guarantee cash, but we cannot guarantee purchasing power!”


If you don’t understand what that means then leave this site now. –Admin

Marc Faber: Gold is a world currency (German)


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I am interested in Gold, Silver, Energy, Geopolitics, Economics, Religion, Demography, History, Complex systems, Critical theory, Antipositivism, Sociology of knowledge and Chaos theory.
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