Ian Fletcher: America’s trade deficits since 1991 caused our economy to be 13 percent smaller

From www.activistpost.com; Ian Fletcher

Ian FletcherThe country is consumed right now with the fight over the Federal budget, specifically the plan of Rep. Ryan (R-WI) to balance it by (mostly) radically cutting spending on medical programs, especially Medicare. The recent Republican loss in New York’s 26th district’s special election—which had more to do with my friend Jack Davis running on a third-party ticket—has been interpreted as a referendum against the Ryan plan. And the states are, of course, tied up in budget battles of their own, most visibly the aggressive push to cut the cost of public employees by curtailing their unions.

Unfortunately, while all these fights are, of course, important, they are still, fundamentally, the wrong economic issue for America to be fighting over right now. Because despite Rep. Ryan titling his plan “The Path to Prosperity,” none of these controversies touch upon the true fundamentals that determine that prosperity.

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Read Ian Fletcher’s book to understand more about the ongoing Economic War.


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