Clueless Italian-Zionist Journalist: Hitler almost marked the end of European history

Hitler tried to pull Germany out of this criminal monetary system controlled by Jews. They did to Germany what they are doing now to Greece and Ireland. He wanted the Third Position (no Communism and no Capitalism, both controlled by Jews). The Third Position is a political nationalist agenda which is against the Globalist mantra of demographic experiments. The Globalist Jew wants Europe to become like the American toilet. Europe’s countries do not have the same founding principles like America. Europe’s fundamentals are based on the Germanic people who spread all over Europe two thousand years ago. There is no “Europe” like they want to make you believe. Europe historically belongs to the German race.

France is derived from German Frank’s and their country called Francia. Spain and half of Italy was occupied by the Visigoths and Suebi. The Dutch, Danes, Swedes and Anglo-Saxons are Germanic people. Hitler would have put an end to all the American and Zionist lies. That means freedom for the peoples of Europe not enslavement envisioned by the greedy Jew and the City of London. Even the criminal Churchill admitted this truth. The German people want nothing more than the Zionist-Jew already has. Their historic region back!

Poland is not a country like Palestine isn’t one. The Poles are Slavic people and belong to Russia. They are aliens like the Niggers and Muslims. Niggers belong to Africa like the Muslims belong to the Middle East. They are sending their invaders in the tens of millions to Europe and America. Everyone with a right mind can see where this will lead to. Read the revisionist lies here. –Admin

Read more about Liberal lies:

The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder


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I am interested in Gold, Silver, Energy, Geopolitics, Economics, Religion, Demography, History, Complex systems, Critical theory, Antipositivism, Sociology of knowledge and Chaos theory.
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