EUSSR cancer system modeled after the Socialist American Republic sues Sweden for fighting Big Brother

Why do the control fanatics think this system can survive in the long run? He who knows history is having a deja vu. The cancerous central state only grows larger and larger. We are repeating parts of history. At one point the economy can no longer bear this ever growing paranoid cancer. The critical point you must understand is the climax never will be watched carefully (if at all) because its all political not economical. Such a system is doomed to fail. At one point ‘they’ will resort to create money which will destroy the economy. Btw nobody is born to be evil. This system makes people evil. — Admin


About 3xG Admin

I am interested in Gold, Silver, Energy, Geopolitics, Economics, Religion, Demography, History, Complex systems, Critical theory, Antipositivism, Sociology of knowledge and Chaos theory.
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