Max Keiser: User on my website says US Debt 1.8 times all the gold extracted on earth

Economic CrashHi Max,

Here is simple math for Us Debts in Gold.

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Eiffel Tower = 10 100 Tons
1 ounce of gold = 1500 $
1 troy ounce = 31.1034768 grams
1 Kg = 32.15074656862798 ounces

Us Debt = 14 Trillions $
All gold extracted on earth = 160 000 Tons (in 2009)

Golden Eiffel tower = 487 Billions Us$
Us Debt = 28.75 Golden Eiffel Tower or 290 300 Tons of Gold
Us Debt = 1.8 time all gold extracted on earth.

Here is what the creatures of jekyll Island created.

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